University Chilling Plant

A university had contracted us to coat many chillers over the years.  When they decided to add a new chilling plant we were asked to coat all the new machines.  The above photo shows one of the machines after two years in service.  Aside from minor touch ups the machines look exactly as they did the day we coated them!  Another satisfied customer.

Hospital Chilling Plant

Due to the success of the previous chiller coatings a hospital in Austin decided to make epoxy coatings standard for all their new chillers.  During the install process Bryan Newell Coatings grit blasted and coated all the parts and tube sheets of the new machine.  They are now protected from galvanic corrosion, chemical attack and electrolysis.

Office Park Chiller

After a short time in service this uncoated chiller was showing extreme wear.  Our services were requested to grit blast, rebuild the damage, and epoxy coat the chillers.  After completion the parts and tube sheet looked brand new and have had no degredation since.